Kyosho Optima Mid'87 WC Worlds Spec 4WD 1:10 Kit 60th Anniversary Ltd KC30643

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World beating racing buggy drives again!
Revival of the famous Optima Mid


England 1987 was the scene of the 2nd IFMAR (International Federation of Model Race Cars) electric off-road world championships. In addition to the standard Optima, Team Kyosho entered a midship motor mounted prototype in the 4WD Class. Racing under its ‘Mid Optima’ project name, the prototype stunned the world making up five of the ten cars to qualify through to the A-Main Final, but unfortunately missing out of the top prize in finishing a credible 2nd to demonstrate its outstanding performance potential. The prototype was close to the final product released to the market under its official name ‘Optima Mid’ allowing racers around the world to experience its revolutionary capabilities. Still as popular as the original back in 1980, the Optima Mid joined esteemed company as part of the Kyosho Vintage Series with its revival in 2022. To commemorate Kyosho’s 60th anniversary in 2023, the original World Championship prototype spec Optima Mid will be released as a limited edition. While sharing the same basic configuration as the standard Optima Mid, the World Championship prototype featured several optional parts as standard and a special body, which has been recreated with a new mold and combined with a large polycarbonate rear wing. A dedicated decal is also included to reproduce the original color scheme. Aluminum parts have been changed from the original gold color to a chic gun metallic in combination with special color wheels to create a style unique to the limited edition 60th anniversary model. The World Championship prototype Optima Mid that never made it to market in its original form in 1987 is enhanced with modern racing technology so you can enjoy Kyosho’s anniversary year with dynamic performance using the latest RC systems and power sources.

●Kyosho commemorates its 60th anniversary with this limited edition model of the popular 4WD buggy that made a spectacular world championship debut.
●Recreation of the dynamic model that stunned the world at the 1987 1/10 Electric Buggy World Championships has been enhanced with modern RC system, motor, and battery.
●Reinforced slipper clutch supports the power of modern brushless motors. Settings can be changed by installing the optional UM516 dual slipper sheet (white/RB5/2Pcs).
●Equipped with reinforced slipper clutch to support the power of brushless motors. Settings can also be changed by switching to the slipper pad used in the Ultima.
Equipped with a new mold reproduction of the Optima Pro body used in the 1987 World Championships featuring cut lines for the mid-chassis.
●A large polycarbonate rear wing combined with large side plates is the same as the World Championship car. 
●Various optional parts for the existing Optima Mid are included as standard equipment. Aluminum parts are finished in the Works-spec gunmetal color unique to this limited edition model.
●Equipped with soft-type tires on front and rear as standard that produce high grip and dynamic handling.
●Includes stickers to recreate the World Championship model of Optima series designer Mr. Akira Kogawa, as well as sticker commemorating Kyosho’s 60th anniversary.
●New main gear shaft has been upgraded from conventional steel to lighter and stronger hard anodized 7075 super duralumin. Contributes to improved throttle response.
●The front and rear shocks are finished in gunmetal and the shafts are coated with titanium to improve wear resistance.
Front and rear springs are adopted with fine selection springs.
●Each rod is equipped with a turnbuckle system for easy setting changes.
●The front is equipped with universal swing shaft with high drive efficiency as standard.
●Equipped with optional ball differentials as standard on the front and rear to ensure smooth cornering characteristics.
●The steering links are also equipped with bearings, making it a full bearing specification.

Special Equipment:Optima Pro body / Large polycarbonate rear wing / Special decals / Peppermint green wheels for Ultima / Ball diff.(F&R) / Front universal swing shaft / Carbon main chassis / Carbon upper deck / Carbon shock stay (F&R) / Gunmetalic anodized aluminum parts / HD Deck mount / HD Rear sus holder / HD Servo mount / HD ST plate / High strength sus plate (F&R) / 7075 Duralmin main gear shaft / Aluminum M4 concave washer / Titanium coated shock shaft (F&R) / F&R Fine selection shock spring(MH) / Turnbuckle rods(38&50mm) / Ball bearings for servo saver / Soft compound tires (F&R)

Reproduction of the original Optima Pro body and decals used by Team Kyosho in the 1987 World Championships is combined with a large polycarbonate rear wing.

Limited reproduction of the original 1/10 scale 4WD off-road Optima Mid buggy that debuted in 1987 is equipped with specially colored aluminum parts and various optional parts as standard.

Lightweight and highly rigid carbon fiber main chassis and upper deck of the same material combine to deliver moderate flex for exceptional running performance.

60th Anniversary limited edition features gun metallic finished aluminum cylinders on the oil shocks which are equipped with titanium coated shafts that increase wear resistance.

Carbon fiber front and rear shock stays produce reliable shock function.

HD Deck mount,HD Rear sus holder,HD Servo mount and HD ST plate are included as standard equipment. Aluminum parts are finished in the Works-spec gunmetal color.Servo saver incorporating ball bearings for improved steering response.

Ball differentials on both front and rear provide smooth operation and maximum traction with slip action when excessive load is applied for improved driving stability.

Steering linkages and suspension rods use turnbuckles to allow fast and precise adjustment of camber and toe angle.

One-piece wheels are the same shape as the rear wheels on the Ultima and replicate the 1987 World Championship model. Wheels are finished in the signature peppermint green color of the Optima Mid’s designer, Mr. Akira Kogawa.

<Kit Contents>
●Kit chassis
●Clear body
●Mask sheet
●hexagon wrench
●Cross wrench
●Shock wrench
●Ball Diff Grease
●Shock oil
●60th anniversary sticker

<Required for Operation>
●2 channel R/C system
Receiver size:Max L48xW35xH17mm
Servo size:Max L41xW20xH38mm Low profiled
recommended: No.82151X Flysky 2.4GHz Noble NB4 4ch tx/No.82151-04  FLYSKY Noble FGr4P Rx
※When using a short size LiPo battery,it can be mounted up to H40mm Servo
servo size:L41xW20xH38mm 
recommended: No.82274 KS4031-06W or No.82273 KS5031-09MW
recommended:LE MANS 240 GOLD Brushless Motor 13.5T No.37034
ESC size:L40xW42xH29.5mm
recommended:No.37051B LE MANS 240S ESC
●Battery for chassis
Battery size:L140xW50xH25mm
recommended:No.GAB4202 Gens ace LiPo 4000 Straight pack(60c/7.4V)
●Batteries for transmitter
●Charger for battery
●Paint for body
●Regulated power supply