Kyosho KB10L Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Elec Lime VE 3S 4WD 1:10 Readyset KC34703T2B

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Enjoy powerful pickup truck performance
In realistic 1/10 scale!


With rugged tires and undercarriage to handle rough terrain and a large rear cargo bed, pickup trucks are in high demand throughout North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia and many popular pickup trucks have been recreated as R/C models. Toyota developed the Tacoma mainly for the North American market and it has continued to sell well since its release in 1995. This model is based on the 3rd generation Tacoma which first appeared to much acclaim in 2016 due to its aggressive styling and practicality. The top of the range Tacoma TRD Pro has been recreated by Kyosho with a tough 1/10 scale chassis in a Readyset package. Kyosho’s molding craftmanship immaculately reproduces the TRD Pro body in lightweight but rigid polycarbonate resin with the strength for hard off-road driving. Based on the off-road KB10 chassis, the long wheelbase and short tread of the KB10L chassis matches the body perfectly. The shaft-driven 4WD system reliably transfers the brute power of the TORX10L brushless motor to reach top speeds of about 75km/h under the management of the ESC (Electronic Speed Control) and a compatible 3S (11.1V) lipo battery. This convenient Readyset package contains the fun of an ultra-scale pickup truck on a dynamic off-road chassis with a finish similar in quality to premium display-only models.

●Readyset includes R/C system pre-installed on the chassis and a pistol-grip transmitter.
●Pre-painted and assembled "Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro" ultra-scale body fully captures the form of the original truck.
●Newly designed body mounts conceal body pins from the outside to realize a higher sense of scale.
●LED lights (sold separately) can be attached to the front and rear light buckets. The scale feeling is further enhanced when 4 front lights and 2 rear lights (4 if rear fog lights installed) are fully lit.
Recommended: Front 4 lights, Rear 2 lights (97054-4CR x 1, 97054-2B x 1) / With rear fog lights, Front 4 lights, Rear 4 lights (97054-4B x 1, 97054-4CR x 1)
●Full-time 4WD KB10L chassis can handle rough roads as well as on-road and flat dirt.
●Battery holder compatible with 3S size batteries. The battery is fixed with a belt that is easy to take off and on.
●Includes powerful TORX 10L brushless motor and waterproof BRAINZ 10 + brushless ESC.
●3 differential design for enhanced running stability. #10000 oil is pre-filled in the center diff and #5000 oil in the front and rear diffs.
●Full ball bearings (22) equipped for optimal drive efficiency and durability.
●Each gear unit, receiver are enclosed in a sealed box to prevent compromise from sand and dirt while driving.
●Pistol grip type Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter included allows various setting changes.
●Battery charger and battery for chassis plus 4 x AA batteries for transmitter must be purchased separately.

Low & wide shape of the polycarbonate body has been immaculately recreated with the unique TRD Pro front grill and light buckets to enhance the 3-dimensional effect. Dunable 1.5mm PC body.

Body mounts on front and rear secure the body from under the chassis (photo shows front) so scale appearance is not compromised by exposed body pins on the outside of the body.

Based on the 1/10 scale Mad Wagon bush-basher off-road chassis, the KB10L has an extended wheelbase and shortened suspension arms with the stability of the shaft-type 4WD.

Shaft-type 4WD system incorporating gearbox with center differential reduces motor rotation for optimal power transfer to front and rear wheels. Newly designed long aluminum chassis produces reliable traction even on low-grip surfaces.

Oil shocks reliably attenuate feedback from the road surface to stabilize the chassis while driving. Pre-mounted shocks are pre-filled with oil and spring rate (hardness) has been optimized for the KB10L chassis.

Turnbuckle rods on suspension and steering make it easy to adjust the camber and toe angle. Extendable resin universal shafts on the lower suspension arms are interchangeable between front and rear for parts and maintenance efficiency.

Newly adopted center differential in the KB10L chassis optimizes power distribution to front and rear wheels through corners for smooth turning performance. IF245 steel spur gear for the 1/8 scale buggy Inferno NEO series can be installed as an optional part.(One BRG005 bearing is required separately.)

Equipped with sintered metal 4-bevel differential gears on the front and rear with the capacity to handle high-power brushless motors. IS117 hard bevel gear for the 1/8 model Inferno NEO ST 3.0 can be installed as an optional part.(BRG005 bearing is required separately.)

Newly designed wheels and tires demonstrate superior grip, both on and off-road. Tire pattern and wheel design replicate the actual vehicle style for a full sense of scale.

Technical Data:

■Length 572mm
■Width 274mm
■Height 214mm
■Wheelbase 340mm
■Tread F/R 224mm
■Tires(F & R) φ110 x 47mm
■Gear Ratio 10.41:1
■Weight 3,410g (approx.)
■Motor TORX10L Brushless Motor kv2850

Readyset Contents
●Factory assembled chassis complete with control linkages
●Pre-cut and painted body complete with decals applied
●2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
●1.5mm/2.0mm/2.5mm L shaped hex wrench
●Cross wrench
●4/5/5.5/7/10mm Integrated spanner

Required for Operation:
●AA-size batteries x 4 for transmitter
●Battery for driving (2-3S LiPo battery *Installable battery size 143x47x30mm)
●Charger for LiPo battery