WALKERA HF-G3 3-Axis Handheld Steady Gimbal

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  • Developed specifically for GoPro 3, 3+, 4, iLook, iLook+ action camera
  • With Gyro, the picture is more stable
  • All metal flawless craftsmanship and delicate execution


  • Working voltage: min.: 7.0V, standard: 8.4V, max.: 13.0V
  • Overloaded current: 800mA
  • Static attitude tracking accuracy(static mode): min.: 0.01, standard: 0.02, max.: 0.05
  • Motion attitude tracking accuracy: min.: 0.1, standard: 0.2, max.: 0.5
  • Tilt angle(handheld in horizontal): min.:-190°(down), standard: 0(horizontal), max.: +70(up)
  • Tilt angle(handheld in vertical): min.:-110°(down), standard: 0(horizontal), max.: +110(up)
  • Roll angle: min.:-45°, standard: 0(horizontal), max.: +45°
  • Heading angle: min.: -124°(left), max.: +124(right)
  • Tilt following rate: min.: 2°/sec, max.: 50°/sec
  • Heading following rate: min.: 3°/sec, max.: 150°/sec
  • Weight: 325g (without batteries and camera), 418g (without camera)
  • Box dimension: 305*163*122mm

NOTE: Camera is not included