Flybaby Readyset (Blue) 10653RS-BL

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The slow speed flight characteristics unique to the MINIUM series can now be enjoyed with this scale model of the famous home-build airplane. Capture the low-wing style of the FLYBABY on the palm of your hand with the sophisticated design and components of the MINIUM. Home-build airplanes popular in the US are designed with the objective of delivering calm control characteristics. The attractive low-wing form features a proper dihedral to deliver this stability. The MINIUM also replicates this design but also delivers the maneuverability of a low-wing airplane. The Li-Po battery supplies stable power to a 6mm diameter coreless motor that drives a gear reduction unit and special propeller to generate sufficient thrust for the airplane to fly outdoors (under no-wind conditions) as well as indoors. The MINIUM retains its ability to fly in confined spaces as one of its greatest attributes. Another advantage of its lightweight is that damage is minimal in the event of hard contact. KYOSHO has again successfully integrated the latest technology into an innovative model for a flying experience that could only be dreamed of a short while ago. This fully pre-assembled model is loaded with ultra-small amp, receiver and two linear stroke servos and complete with linkage setup. The 3-channel system provides elevator, rudder and motor control for the full scope of flying experiences. Build up speed and fly loops! Control is managed on the worldwide standard ISM band on 2.4GHz frequency with a system that automatically scans for clear frequencies to use. Simply switch power ON and a 75 wave spectrum is automatically scanned for a band free of radio interference so the transmitter and receiver can communicate on an ultra stable signal. Revolutionary features and components bring the dream of slow scale flight to reality!

  • Fully factory finished, complete with coloring and special R/C system linkages. Tail wing is also pre-attached so just charge the battery and take-off.
  • Automatically scans for open frequencies across a 79-wave spectrum on the 2.4GHz band for ultra-safe control. Up to 26 aircraft can be flown at the same time.
  • Connects automatically once transmitter is registered to the receiver. (Comes pre-registered at time of shipment).
  • Transmitter equipped with digital trims featuring 10-stage audible trim tones.
  • Features pre-installed lightweight one-piece speed control amp with receiver unit, and two linear stroke servos.
  • Airplane stand features built-in quick battery charger so it can be used for both displaying the model and flight preparation.
  • Insert the included Li-Po battery into the battery charger and the LED lights to indicate charging has started. Auto-cut feature stops when charging is complete. Battery charges in about 20 minutes and LED goes out to indicate charging is complete. **Charging time may vary depending on certain conditions.
  • Lightweight addition to the series and delivers the same mild flight speed as the CITABRIA.
  • Slow flight capability allows flight times of about 15 minutes with a fully charged battery.
  • Place the model on the stand with built-in battery charger to create a stunningly realistic display. Or, detach the charger component from the stand to use as a charger.

Readyset Contents:

  • Fully assembled fuselage
  • 3.7V-70mAh Lithium Polymer battery pack
  • Dual-purpose airplane stand with built-in auto-cut quick battery charger
  • 2.4GHz 2-stick transmitter with digital trims

Required for Operation:

  • AA sized x 4 batteries for transmitter, AA sized x 4 batteries for charger.
  • Note) Oxyride batteries cannot be used.

Technical Data:

  • Length 335mm
  • Width 420mm
  • Gear Ratio 4.25:1
  • Weight 22g (approx.)
  • Motor M6 Coreless Motor
  • Wing Area 3.059dm2
  • Wing Load 7.03g/dm2
  • Wing Type Original Camber Type
  • R/C System PERFEX KT-17 2.4GHz 3-channel Special R/C System
  • Propeller D100mm×P60mm
  • Dihedral 12°
  • Scale 1/17