TOYOTA CELICA TURBO REPSOL Carlos Sainz+Perfex KT-18 Black KZ30582CS-82001

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Precision differential gears on front and rear on the shaft driven AWD power train combine with the four-wheel independent suspension for awesome performance, way above its scale. Whether on-road or off-road, AWD (all-wheel-drive) is regarded as one of the ideal racing platforms. The sophisticated mechanics of AWD have been condensed into a palmtop size chassis and combined with the ASF 2.4GHz control unit for the ultimate in control stability and safety. Body sets that suit dropped chassis styles can also be installed, making these models even more realistic. Also, this kit is packaged without transmitter, making it ideal for those who already have an ASF 2.4GHz MINI-Z Racer.

  • Sophisticated mechanics include midship motor mount, shaft drive AWD and 4-wheel independent suspension.
  • Resin universal swing shafts with metal cores are equipped on all wheels and realize unobstructed suspension movement for efficient transfer of drive power.
  • Uniquely shaped gear teeth on the crown and pinion gear drive the propeller shaft on the precision 3-bevel gear differentials, efficiently transferring power to all four wheels.
  • Toe-in angles on front and rear can be adjusted with the use of optional parts. Simple tie-rod attachment / detachment for easy maintenance.
  • Includes collars for adjusting chassis height, enabling the chassis to be dropped. Also includes 4 pinion gears and 3 spur gears for a wide range of gear ratio settings.
  • Front features bump stop to avoid body contact with the wheels and regulate suspension stroke.
  • ASF 2.4GHz R/C system automatically scans for open frequencies to guarantee control, safe from radio interference.
  • Simply bind or pair the PERFEX KT-18 (sold separately) with the chassis and it is ready to use.
  • Eliminates need for frequency crystals and allows up to 40 cars to be run at the same time.
  • One transmitter can be paired with multiple 2.4GHz MINI-Z cars. Ultra fast signal processing speed results in almost instantaneous control response.
  • FET motor control amp supercharges speed with double the capacity of the previous RA-19 version.
  • Equipped with I.C.S. terminals.
  • Features LED indicator that lights to show power status.
  • Ultra-fine 1/100mm finish.
  • Differential units can be removed with just four screws on the front and six on the rear.
  • 4-wheel independent suspension uses king pin struts with built-in coil springs.
  • Features the controlled drift of a true AWD machine.
  • Only 5g heavier than the MR-03 chassis, despite the AWD and independent suspension.
  • Uses the narrowest 65mm chassis design so the Mini-Z 01/015 body styles can be fitted.
  • Can be easily converted to the Mini-Z Racer M and L size to match your existing MINI-Z body. (Some body styles may not be compatible).

About Fine Hand Polish

  • A new surface-finishing technology that provides a hard glossy finish in bright lustrous colors. The hardened surface protects the paintwork from marks and dirt so the beautiful car body is easily maintained in all its original glory.

Mini-Z AWD and MINI-Z Interchangeability

  • Body Fitting: The Mini-Z AWD chassis width is the same as the MINI-Z Racer MR-03N. Most bodies for the M and L-size wheelbases of the MR-03N chassis are compatible with the AWD.
  • Wheels: Mini-Z AWD features specially designed wheels. These wheels are not compatible with previous versions of the MINI-Z.
  • Auto Scale Collection Body Sets: Current Auto Scale Collection (for MR-03N) wheels are not compatible with the Mini-Z AWD. Please use with multi offset wheels.

Body/Chassis Set Contents:

  • Fully assembled chassis with R/C unit installed
  • Pinion Gears: 4 types, Spur Gears: 3 types (3 wheelbase settings for total of 6)
  • Chassis height adjustment collars
  • Wheel wrench

Required for Operation:

  • ASF2.4GHz PERFEX KT-18 Transmitter for MINI-Z or EX-5UR ASF Transmitter (No.82011)
  • 4 x AAA-size alkaline or NiMH batteries
  • 4 x AAA-size alkaline batteries for transmitter (KT-18), 8 x AA-size alkaline batteries (EX-5UR ASF)

Chassis Technical data:

  • Length 127.5mm(M)、131.5mm(L)
  • Width 65~72mm (67mm)
  • Height 43mm
  • Ground Clearance 4mm
  • Wheelbase 90mm(M)、94mm(L)
  • Tread (F/R)56.5~63.5mm/56.5~61mm or F/R 58.5mm
  • Tire(F/R)25x8.5mm 2pcs/25x11mm 2pcs or ?ï 25x8.5mm 4pcs
  • Gear Ratio 7,2/6.4/6.0/5.7/5.3/5.0/4.5:1
  • Weight 135g (approx.)
  • Motor 130-Class

TOYOTA CELICA TURBO 4WD No.2 WRC1992 Carlos Sainz Technical data :

  • Length 160.0 mm
  • Width 72.0mm
  • Height 50.0mm
  • Wheelbase 90.0mm(M)
  • Tread (F/R)61.5mm/59.0mm
  • Tire(F/R)25.0mm x 8.5mm/25.0mm x 11.0mm
  • Gear Ratio 7.2/6.4/6.0/5.7/5.3/5.0/4.5:1
  • Weight 140g
  • No crystals needed! 2.4GHz system blocks


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