Phantom 70 11077

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Product ID: KP11077

With repeated victories in the biplane-class, Phantom has dominated all rivals at the famed Reno Air Races. As a biplane, the aggressive form of Phantom has been especially designed for peak air racing performance.

The focus on speed and turning control has resulted in a scaled down model that delivers the full-size flying experience. From the start of the 2007 Reno Air Races, the original flying team proudly wears the Kyosho logo as a sign of Kyosho's sponsorship and the close collaboration in model design.

Naturally these graphics are included on the 70-class model as well. The FRP fuselage combines with balsa main and tail wings to realize an optimal lightweight structure. While the wing has a slightly larger leading edge radius than the original plane, it also produces low speed stability and stall characteristics that you wouldn't expect from a racer. Almost completely pre-built, there aren?t many steps needed for the finishing touches so intermediate to advanced fliers will find themselves airborne in a relatively short period of time.

While still regarded as a middle size, there is plenty of power and performance to experience the true excitement of air racing battles.

  • Detailed curves and lines accurately recreate the form and performance characteristics of the original for a real racing experience.
  • Wide flanks and lower inverted gull-wing give the model the same characteristic form as the original. Spacious fuselage also has plenty of room for easy linkage setup.
  • The short wing span and inverted gull-wing produce dynamic performance for air racing.
  • While maintaining the sharp main wing design, subtle modifications for optimal flying model performance produce excellent low speed and turning stability.
  • The inverted gull-wing is made from lightweight balsa and is complimented by the one-piece FRP wheel pants. The complicated form has been successfully recreated in this lightweight structure.
  • Optimal tail wheel height is set to produce an optimal angle of attack to realize smooth take-offs. Also provides shock absorbing function for safer touch downs.
  • FRP cowl can be separated from the fuselage structure for easy maintenance. Also features the graphics of the 2007 original.
  • Proudly wears the Kyosho sponsored decal from the 2007 Reno Air Races. These sponsor graphics are also included.
  • 70-class 4-cycle engine produces true air racing speed. Engine mounting style design produces effective heat dissipation.
  • Main components are pre-assembled.
  • Balsa main and tail wings are pre-covered in film.
  • Unique 12% symmetrical wing type produces both high speeds and stability from large angles of attack.
Kit Includes:
  • Engine mount
  • Fuel Tank
  • Main Gear
  • Rudder connected tail gear
  • Decals
  • Tires
  • Linkage Parts
Required For Operation:
  • 4-channel, 5-servo (2 mini servos for ailerons) R/C system
  • 4C52-70, 2C46-50 Engine
  • D11 x P6 - D13 x P6 Propeller
  • 62mm Spinner
  • Fuel, engine starting tools
  • Batteries specified for R/C system
  • Glue